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Ok... You found it :-) 
Welcome to our "Not So Secret Handshake Menu" ..... SSSSHHHH!
These Items may change daily and are only available for Dine in. Some items may be  unavailable during a dinner rush.
They do not appear on any To-Go menus. If you ask for them as carry out we will politely pretend we don't know what you are talking about :-)

Farmhand Burger

Our signature double smash burger on a brioche bun. Served with an egg your way, crunchy hashbrowns on the bottom bun,

shredded cheese and bacon. Served with fries or your choice of sides.   $14

My Girlfriend is not Hungry

We know. Your girlfriend is not hungry. (Again) Just order any sandwich or entree and we'll add an extra basket with a few onion rings and some fries.   $6


Hana Yori

The Mishawaka namesake Japanese steakhouse. Go there tomorrow.... but today indulge in the Five Star Bonzai dinner.

Our vegetable stir fry Bonzai style with Steak, Chicken and Shrimp.   $29 for all three proteins.   $25 Pick two.

Pair of Signature Styx*

Two of our Signature hand dipped mozzorella sticks. AKA "Cheese Logs". Because five of them is too many???

Served with a cup of marinara sauce.  $5

*May not be available with a full dining room.

Spin Me Right Round Burger

Our signature double Smash Burger with shredded cheese, spinash artichoke dip and bacon. Served with fries or your choice of side upgrade.  $14

The Triple Smash

Our signature Ribeye Smash Burger patties times Three! Brioche Bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion. Served with fries or your choice of side upgrade. $15

Wicked Slider Menu

All Sliders come with Fried onion petals - no side choices available.

Choice of slider bun  - Brioche / Potato / Sweet Hawaiian

NashVegas Chicken Sliders - (3) Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders   $15

Wicked Signature Sliders (Five Star Burger) - (3) Hand Pattied Smash Sliders, Gouda cheese, bacon and 5 Star Sauce $13

Phat Philly Sliders - (3) Thinly sliced ribeye philly beef , mozzarella cheese, green peppers & onion $16

Porky Pig Paradise (3) House smoked pulled pork, cole slaw, white american cheese $14

Wicked Buffalo Sliders (3) Fried chicken breast tossed in traditional buffalo sauce, ranch on side $13

Skinny French Dip (3) Thinly shaved beef with white american cheese, au jus on the side $14

New items added and removed weekly. Check back often :-)

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